This is the home page of the website which records the activities and history of the Kingston Day Commercial School 1910-1947 and incorporates the Commercial Section of Hinchley Wood School into the 1950's.

Picture features of the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 2012, 2013, 2014,2015, 2016 and 2017 events are on the Reunion pages.

The Reunion Committee have produced superb newsletters with Janet Creighton-Kelly as editor, these are our valued links to our members.

Former student Michael Staff has been awarded an MBE for his services to charities in the community. His Investiture took place at Windsor Castle on 20th October 2011 and the presentation was made by the Princess Royal. Michael was accompanied by his wife Ruth and his two sons, Roger and Kevin.



Michael left Hinchley Wood school in 1951 and after National Service began a successful career in banking, mainly in management. Hee and his family lived for many years in Eastbourne, and he used his skills to assist local charities. He also performed in plays and musicals, and served on the founding committee of the Eastbourne Association of Voluntary Services and St Wilfred's Hospice.

Sadly, Michael's wife died after 40 years of happy marriage. Michael went on to serve with charities and became Chairman of the National Abbeyfield Society. In 1994, he met and married Ruth, another volunteer for the society.

A notable historical photo came from Jill Dessent (Roebuck) 1949/1952. The Member of Parliament for Esher invited 1949/1952 students to visit The House of Commons. See Correspondence section for this memorable group, which Janet Creighton-Kelly published in the November 2010 Newsletter.


The War-time Diaries of a Surrey Schoolgirl by Cynthia Chandler (nee Ayliffe) 1939-1941. Cynthia kept diaries during her two years at KDCS and these laid in a trunk until her daughter Rosemary discovered them. Rosemary very kindly had the diaries printed and copies were read by members at the lunch. Rosemary has given us photos of school and staff, adding to our knowledge of school life in the wartime 40's. They can be found in the History section (click on index below)

Janet forwarded two interesting letters - one from Maureen Piper in response to a question about the Claremont; the other from Brian Shepherd about a daring high wire episode in Australia. These items are on the correspondence label index box, right at the end - keep scrolling till you find them!.

Margaret Croft(Day)(1944-46) wrote from Australia where she has lived for 56 years, with more names for the Leigh photos. See her letter in Correspondence.

Brian Shepherd has sent a photo montage of teachers, shown on the history pages.

Another letter from NSW came from Bernard Grant (1954). This is in the correspondence section.

This website, which was started and maintained by John Frost, has been running since 2006, as a colour supplement to the newsletters. At the demise of John Frost, Stephen Jones has volunteered to run the website for the KDCS Association. Please feel free to contact Stephen via sjones@9380.co.uk

The feature recording the sad death of John Crisp has been transferred to the history pages. A notable chapter of achievement.

Patrick Packer has sent me a sad note about his friend.
I am sorry to say that John Hunn, a close friend of mine for nearly sixty eight years, died last week. I know that some of our members will remember John, not only for his sporting prowess but for his leaning to be in trouble with the staff all too often! Our headmaster, Rev Charles Bray, however, must have seen some good. in John because he made him School Captain. John joined the school with me in September 1942 and we finally left together after helping the staff with the evacuation party in Leigh. Happy days

The death was announced on 16th November, 2009, of former pupil and distinguished actor - Edward Woodward, aged 79. We offered condolences to his widow, Michele Dotrice, and children. (See History section for the story of KDCS).

The Association's members have contributed their stories in the magazine edited by the late John Crisp and now edited by Janet Creighton-Kelly. The Committee members organising reunions are:

Mrs. Janet Creighton-Kelly (Wright) 01276 25357; Mrs. Janet Steeples (Haddrell) 01932 873478

In Corres section, see pictures of Surbiton in colour and a Constable classic.

There are detailed photos of the Leigh 1944 Evacuation picture, courtesy Wyn Poate (Macklin) and son Robert Poate. Some names have been supplied by Bill Crisell (in Canada). Another from Patrick Packer. More from Wyn. This is on the Correspondence page (3rd button).

This is Headmaster Charles H. Bray, taken at Leigh in 1944

PLEASE NOTE - Archive feature from the 1946 Bulletin is on the Magazine page. We request archive photos - 

If any members of the post KDCS commercial dept classes have photos of their reunion, please let Janet know - we can include them.

Updated 11th March 2019 (November 2018 and March 2019 Newsletters added).

See progress of present day school on their website - www.hinchleywood.surrey.sch.uk/

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