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Please note that the names of members appearing in photographs of the Reunions are not directly linked with their images - we had no one taking names down as our photographer went round the tables. Hopefully, future reunions will be more precisely documented!

Obituaries. Dennis Davey passed away on 31st March 2012. Dennis was the Chairman of the Reunion Committee helping to organise the many reunions. He was a long standing and dedicated member of the KDCS Association and will be remembered for "Dennis's Deliberations" which appeared in our Newsletters.

John Frost passed away on 6th November 2011. John was a great supporter of the Association and was responsible for starting and maintaining the KDCSA website. He was always to be seen with his camerataking pictures at our reunions for the website.

Jill Dessent (Roebuck) 1949/52 has sent us a historic group showing the students of those years who were invited by the MP for Esher, to visit the House of Commons. We have divided the photo into three. Jill is the third student from the right wearing the school scarf.

Janet would like to hear from anyone who recognises others on the photo!

Margaret Croft(Day),1944-46, who has lived in Australia for 56 years. has written: "I discovered the newsletter, and photographs of the school in Leigh, recently and I do have some more names to add to the pictures. I was one of the evacuees during my first year at KDCS. I am still in contact with with Ann Chittenden, now Ann Davey, who lives in Hereford and I am coming to England in August to stay with her for a while. I discovered the KDCSA website earlier this year and couldn't believe it when I saw the Leigh Photo. I haven't seen anyone else on the list but did make contact with Betty Money and Winnie Stokes (who was ill on the day the photo was taken, so missed it. Winnie died last year but I did stay with her in 1999 in Kingston. (We have added Margaret's new idents to the photo list below, thanks) Margaret Croft passed away on 5th November 2010 in Melbourne, Australia, after a short illness.

A long distance letter came from Bernard Grant, in Australia, sent to Janet.

Hello Janet, I have just read the most interesting article on the Web of the school visit to Leigh, Lancashire during the war period. Being an old student at Hinchley Wood Commercial from 1954 I found the item of particular interest because I remember my eldest brother being part of the evacuation during the war. On Page Five there is a photograph with my brother Dennis Grant sitting in the front row to the right hand side of No. 6. Dennis has badges on his lapel and is sitting with hands between his knees. No. 3 behind him to his left is a Miss Adams who taught history whilst I was at Hinchley Wood Commercial. Approximately six years ago I decided to try to find my old schoolmates of my year and out of fifty six who were in two classes, Pitman and Greg, I have managed to find forty five. We have had four Reunion Dinners with classmates flying in from New Zealand, Australia where I live and America to be in attendance. I remember John Crisp stating that as far as he knew we never had a Priest of Politician from the school but I was able to advise him that Peter Pike who was in my year was the Member of Parliament for Burnley at the time. Unfortunately Dennis had a massive heart attack whilst at work and died at the age of fifty six. Another person of his year was a Bill Mees who is I believe could be sitting to Dennis's right. Unfortunately I am unable to positively recognise him in the photographs. I hope this is of interest and should it be of interest for the future continuation of the Association I would recommend you research the Friends Reunited web site where past Students are named under the year they attended the Commercial. I will arrange to send some money to you to cover my Subscription. In the meantime I wish you all well in carrying on the good work which John Crisp did to bring people back together again.

Yours sincerely,
Bernard Grant

Please note: letters from Feb 2010) are at the end of this section

SURBITON IN COLOUR: John Crisp included a delightful card from Margaret Townsend (Whybro, KDCS 1944-46) and invited members to send him reminiscences relating to any of these places.

Promising artist? John also showed this delightful copy of a Constable painting - the Haywain, from Joan Froude (Russell) (KDCS 1944-46)


Both pictures are included at a member's request - the website is the colour supplement to the Bulletin!.


Leigh Grammar school hosted the KDCS evacuees

Wyn Poate (Macklin) has sent this scan of the School photo taken at Leigh Grammar School when the evacuation was completed in summer 1944 - because of V1 attacks on southern England. Wynne's son Robert has scanned it so we can show close-ups of each section. Thanks Robert!

The strip is too long to be seen clearly on the web page, but here it is as our base: the panels start from the left and there are some overlaps.Note 1st May 08 Patrick Packer has identified more names. thanks Patrick

Margaret Croft(Day), now in Australia has sent further names from the Leigh portfolio, although it is becoming difficult to show these without a lot of detective work required from viewers!

Bill Crisell, now in Canada, has put numerous names to the photos - a remarkable feat of memory! More welcome.

Wyn Poate (Macklin) has sent us more names, but to put more numbers on or near faces will - deface - the photos, so the caption will give Wyn's sighting directions. Thanks Wyn! Margaret Croft sends the latest (July 2010 - thanks)

Photo one - left panel

No.1 John Frost; No.2 Joan White - B ill believes she attended 1995 Reunion in a wheelchair. He could not believe it was Joan. Her passing was reported in the Bulletin. second row from bottom 6 from left - Anna Weston (from Margaret Croft/Day)

No.3 Bill Kendall and No. 4 ? Peter Carter; No. 5 David Woodnutt ?

Wyn's additions: 2nd row down - Andy Robertson; 3rd row down - 3rd left - Audrey Gravett; 4th from left - Mavis Garrod; 6th from left - Anna Weston; Far right - Jean McClaren

Photo 2 - second panel from left

Secretary was Margery Rowarth, ex pupil of KDCS. Margery, now in New Zealand, is Betty Suttron

No.1 Margery Rowarth School Secretary; No. 2 David Jacobs - classmate; No. 3 Michael (Mike) Buck - see additional note later.

Wyn notes: 2nd row down - far right - Margaret Bird and (to her left and above the school secretary) Margaret Smith.

Photo 3 - third panel from left

No.1 Mr Twilley; No. 2 Miss Howell;Miss Cooper on her left; No.3 ?; No. 4 Miss Neal (Shorthand);No. 5 Mr. Ballantyne - Commerce; No. 6 ? Henderson - went to MMB at graduation;

Photo 4 - fourth panel from left

No. 1 Jane Ellis (now Milton) classmate (Bill also met Jane and her husband Eric at 1995 Reunion); No. 2 Sylvia Martin; No. 3 Lillian Adams (now Hammond). Lillian lives in London Ontario. I met her and husband Dennis at the 1995 Reunion. Margaret Croft - Rowbehind staffd 3rd from left - Sylvia Cooper; rtow behind staff - 4th from left Margaret Croft

Wyn adds: Back row - 2nd from left - Pat Ashton; 5th from left - Daphne Watkins, then Mary Burge, Diana Gosling and Margaret Brown. The two lady teachers sitting together are Miss Orr (PE girls), Miss McBean (French)

Photo 5 - fifth panel from left

No. 1 Lillian Adams (overlap with previous photo; No. 2. Doreen Sibley - classmate; No.3 Miss MacBean (French teacher); No. 4 Miss Rennie; No. 5 Miss Knight (Typing); No. 6 Bill cannot recall his name but when Bill started work, he took over his post as he was going to do National Service; n.b. No 6 Patrick believes is Harold Williams( No. 7 Derek Wall; No. 8 Peter Hill . Margret Croft notes|: Row 3 5th from left Betty(?) Money

Top row from left - Margaret Brown, Winnie Macklin

Photo 6 - sixth panel from left

No. 1 Daphne Girling?; No. 2 Alan Dobson - classmate; No. 3 Harold (Harry) Hall (met at 1995 Reunion; No. 4. Reg Upton (RIP); 5. Felicity Biggerstaffe - classmate; No. 6 ? Cassidy; No. 7. Haydon Jannaway?; 8. Kenneth Slater - classmate both at KDCSA and school in Sutton; Margaret Croft notes: Row 3 2nd from left Pat Kean

Wyn adds: On the left of ? Cassidy is Jean Parsons. Patrick says that No 9 Bottom rh corner is Jimmy Brampton and to his left in bottom right hand corner is John Laws

Photo 7 - seventh panel from left

No. 1 Bill Crisell; No. 2 ?Tony Budd. No.3 Patricia Indge - identified by Patrick Packer.

Photo 8 - centred on staff

No.1 Jane Ellis (Milton) No. 2 ?Henderson (see previous); No.3 Royston Cox;

More names from each section will be welcome - see e-mail address on Home page

Bill sends the following note related to the Leigh photos: Photo 2 - Michael (Mike) Buck - classmate. After graduation Mike and I both worked in the City and we would meet now and then for lunch. On our low salaries, to save expense, we would go to a British Restaurant. We walked through the area west of Moorgate which was severely bomb damaged. Food at restaurant was not very good but cheap. There was a constant smell from Whitbread's brewery. The large area of damage was developed as the Barbican, which I think is an ugly complex. Museum of London is, however, excellent. We resumed contact after National Service. Mike lived at Worcester Park and I was in Epsom. To acquire social graces I started ballroom dancing lessons in Epsom and persuaded Mike to join me. Mike did so and met his future wife. I was at their wedding in 1953 just before emigrating. Peter Buck - an older brother - was ahead of us at KDCS.

Peter Hills (Photo 5): I did not know Peter until we were billeted together at Leigh. A few years ago Peter's widow Hazel, in Australia, asked in the Newsletter to hear from anyone who knew him at KDCS. I wrote regarding our time in Leigh and since then we have exchanged letters and cards at Christmas. While in Australia Peter wrote three childrens' books which were published. Hazel was also at KDCS.

Patrick Packer identified Patricia Indge ( seventh panel, second row up, white sleeves, No. 3) and recalls: Patricia was my first girl friend and we were together for four years before, during and after KDCS. It was only about 12 months ago that I was sad to learn that Patricia died in 1981. I assume that the school photo was taken in 1945 because I do not know several of the teachers who appear thereon. I and John Hunn, who was school captain at the time, went to Leigh with the school to help out but we came back to London after two or three months. There is a photograph in existence however on which we appear with a group of about thirty of the boys and girls - this photo is the one which was on display at the 2004 Reunion.

John Frost was sent a wartime photo of the Wilcock family who welcomed him. Dad was a circular sawyer with British Callender Cables. Mary, the daughter sported the fashionable balloon hair style. Jack shared the bed with John. Mrs. Agnes Wilcock put up with an intrusive southerner who opened an AA shell nose, set off the fuse, and burned the surface of her dining table. Marvellous people. We visited them in the 1990's Dad was dead, but Agnes lived to be 90, at 91 Henrietta Street. Jack and Mary married happily and we still keep in touch. The third lady is Joy Frost, John's wife.

Earlier e-mails received:

From Bob Coleman (Lancaster Hs, 1948: I think this a photo of the Lancaster House relay team at the school sports 1949. I am wearing a track suit and as you look at photograph, and as far as memory serves me, the runner on my immediate left is Derek Panton, on my right is ..Paxton, but who is on the extreme left of the picture?

From the March Bulletin:



1946 - Edward Britton with?

Back row - boys - John Frost; Basil King; Charles Beadle;
John Laws; WR Kendall; Edmund Curtis; John Maries?; FCWHucks

3rd row Derek Wall; Barbara Trenchard;Joyce Hooper; Jean Cook; Pamela Hirons; Dorothy Larkin; Pat Ashton

2nd row Margaret Brown; Patricia Mogford (Hd Girl); Jean Hooper; Anna Symondson;  Edward Britton; Marguerite Millichamp; Winnie Macklin; June Slawson; Alfreda Savidge

front left - Andy Robertson; Peter Hill; Reg Upton (RIP 2006); Geoff Short (Hd Boy);  Gerald Freeland; Fred Lake

Thanks to Winnie Poate (Macklin) and Anna Lloyd (Symondson) Jean Summerfield (nee Hooper) (sent 22.April 2010)for filling in more gaps.

Please let us know if you can confirm any of the rest!

Dancing at the Claremont

Maureen Piper (nee Marshall. Year 1952) writes in response to question in KDCSA mag : Yes, I certainly remember dancing at the Surbiton Assembly Rooms, and remember the name "Claremont" - are they one and the same? Perhaps someone can enlighten me. There was a wonderful band and lots of ex students were there, and also fellow commuters from the Kingston/Waterloo train.

I also used to attend Saturday night dances at the Wimbledon Town Hall, and turning out on cold winter evenings to catch the train there, and back again late at night and walking through the streets of Kingston to my home. There were also ex students there, and I remember Colin Patterson - he was a great dancer.

On warmer evenings I used to cycle to Epsom, with my dance dress in my saddle bag (yes we used to wear taffeta dresses in those days - well the girls did!) I seem to recall these dances were held in dance studios on the first floor, and I remember John Lipscombe used to dance there - he was also a great dancer. (I know he reads the KDCSA magazine so I had to say that!) Then I used to cycle home again after midnight.

Whilst in the Sixth Form, on Saturday afternoons I used to walk to dance classes in Surbiton where I spent my weekly pocket money. The instructor's name was Frank, and we learnt the quickstep by playing the song "It's almost like falling in love" from Brigadoon. Every time I hear that song (my husband is always playing tapes of Big Band numbers) I think of those dance lessons.

There was always the end of term dance, but only very few boys could dance. Then there were old Students' dances at the school, and I seem to remember some were held at the Griffen Hotel, Kingston.

When I married the only dancing I ever did was the annual company dinner/dance - are there any other Heinz wives out there? Now I only enjoy watching "Strictly Come Dancing".

In our seventies and still swinging

(with apologies to Beachcomber)

Beth and Brian Shepherd recently had a trip to Far North Queensland where their second daughter and her husband have settled. It is beyond the Daintree River very much in rain forest country and a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature.

However, a new attraction has been set up at Cape Tribulation called Jungle Surfing. It involves climbing up a steep bank and then some steps to a fairly high tree. This is the first of five trees with a wire strung between them. One is then put into a halter and sent down each section.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, we decided to give it a go! Each party is accompanied by three guides and is limited to 12 in number. When we joined our group, we found it comprised two families totaling four adults and, between them, their six children. We immediately more than doubled the average age.We were then put into harnesses and had to wear a hard hat, each with a name on it. Beth was Tarzan, Brian was Rambo. At least they boosted out egos.

After climbing the first tree, Tarzan (Beth) was called forward to, as the guide put it, demonstrate how to have the harness fitted to the wire However, it went further than that and she was told to step off the platform, literally into thin air. Brian was to follow on the basis, we suspect, that if we two old fogies can do it, there will be no backing out from the rest of the group. It was at this stage that we wondered if we were doing the right thing! But we were now strung out along the first segment and had no control over our actions so just went along for the ride.

As it turned out, we thoroughly enjoyed it, the only thing preying on our minds was the knowledge that at some stage, we were expected to turn ourselves upside down!. We had both vowed that we would not do this no matter how hard they tried to persuade us. However, by the time we reached the last section and had not done the upside down bit, we knew it was likely to happen now. For some reason, I was sent down first, and after going about 10 feet, I was stopped and asked to let go of the steadying rope. I think it was at this point that I lost my mind and did as I was told. The result, I am upside down and then hurtling, at what seemed to be many hundreds of miles per hour down to the next staging post. The guide waiting for me was staring up in the sky and hadn't even opened the gate; although I reasoned that it was all part of the act and he would come to in time, there was still a niggling feeling that I could end up smashed against the gate!

Needless to say, the gate was opened, I was slowed down and easily completed the last section. But I had to ask the guide, Why me for the last section when Beth had led for all the others? The answer,we always look for the least likely person to want to go upside down and choose them to go first. The others always follow they do not want to be seen as wimps when you can do it.

Well, we did it and have the photos to prove it.

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