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At Easter 1946 the School held the first prizegiving since the war. Charles H Bray wrote this account of the School's situation:

From the Headmaster's Study

At the County Hall last week one of the Senior members of the clerical staff introduced herself to me as the very first student to attend the school, on February 1st, 1910. Her interest in our welfare has continued throughout the 36 years of our existence and, like several thousand other old students, she has invariably tried to help us. The debt we owe to our ex-pupils cannot be calculated. Their efficiency in their work gives us a good name with employers. Their recommendations to parents have kept the school full for it must be remembered that apart from a very small notice board in the entrance bearing the name of the school, we have never advertised.

At present there are 426 pupils in the school 298 girls and 128 boys. The Upper VI Form has 31 members who sit for the Oxford General Schools' Certificate Examination in July of this year. We began the term to the accompaniment of the noise of pneumatic drills which were demolishing blast walls in preparation for the erection of two extra classrooms. These extra classrooms will make a big difference to the work of the school.Our first Prize Distribution since the war was rather a surprise to the pupils and to others, for it was thought that it was impossible to obtain books. Miss Adams, with great persistence, went to many shops' and obtained eighty books. They were good books too. Our next prize day will be on or about February 1st, 1947, the 37th birthday.

I am gratified to find all school activities, in full swing again Football matches, Dramatic and Debating Societies, etc., etc., but regret that the girls have not had any hockey or netball matches except those games between the various houses.

Miss MacBean left us at Christmas to go to Richmond County School. Her place has been taken by Mr. A. Welti, B.A. (Hons.) London, who comes to us from King Edward VI Grammar School, Birmingham.

Miss Orr, owing to a serious breakdown in health, is not likely to return to the school for some time.

Last term's leavers very kindly collected the sum of £5 towards the K.D.C.S. War Memorial Fund and the Old Students' Association is organising a fund to provide a suitable memorial to old scholars who lost their lives while in the services. Fortunately, although a very large number were in the forces in all parts of the world, most of them will return. Readers are asked to send me details of those who made the supreme sacrifice so that their names may be included in the memorial. Donations should be sent to Mr. Overton, who is the Treasurer of the Memorial Fund.

I have been approached by some old boys who are interested in the formation of a K.D.C.S. Masonic Lodge. As a preliminary I should like to hear from any old boys who are members of the Craft. Perhaps younger members will pass this information to their older relations who are " Old Boys " and do not normally receive the magazine.

Many old students have visited the school and some details regarding them appear in this magazine, but our list is by no means complete. If you can help by giving information about yourself, or old members of your class, please write to us, and if you can call here remember that you are most welcome.

With kindest regards to you all,

I am,
Yours sincerely,

Prize Day
On Friday, 1st February, 1946, we celebrated the 36th birthday anniversary of our School. We were honoured by the presence of the Mayor of Surbiton, Alderman Mrs. Woodgate, and the Governors of the school. The celebration took the form of a Speech Day and Prize Distribution.
The proceedings opened with a speech by the Head Master, in which he introduced us to the Chairman, Mrs. Addison-Denny, who has been connected with this school since its inauguration. He went on to say that the Mayor was most interested in the school, and that the Chairman of the Governors, Mr. Kessel, was unable to attend, owing to illness in his family. We were thrilled when Mr. Bray acquainted us with the fact that the Home Secretary, Mr. Chuter Ede, regretted his inability to be present, but assured us that he was with us in thought. Mr. Bray then submitted his report, saying that the school was opened by Mr. Whitehead on 1st February, 1910. We are glad he was able to be present, and his witty reminiscences of those early days were greatly appreciated. The Mayor's Speech was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us, and the good advice on self-control and good manners duly noted.
There followed the distribution of the prizes, each prizewinner being given a carefully selected book and receiving the warm applause of the whole school.
After the excitement of the prize-giving, the Head Girl, Patricia Mogford, presented the Mayor with a bouquet of violets and snowdrops.
The Head Boy, Geoffrey Short, seconded by the Head Girl, then made a pleasant little speech expressing our sentiments on this occasion.
We concluded a most interesting and happy afternoon by singing the National Anthem.
. B.E.



List of Prize-Winners

Book-keeping: Alfreda Savidge; Economics (with special mention in French):Frederick Lake; English:John

Frost; French:Anna Symondson; Geography (with special mention in Economics-William Kendall; History:Basil
King; Mathematics:Gerald Freeland; Shorthand (Gregg) (with special mention in English):Patricia Mogford;
Shorthand (Pitman):Margaret Brown; Typewriting (with special mention in Mathematics):Jean Hooper.
Book-keeping:Beryl Sweet; Commerce:Rita Connolly; English (with special mention in Typewriting}: Margaret
Browning; French:George Hall; Geography:Mary Dukes; History (with special mention in Commerce):Sheila
Falconer; Mathematics:June German; Shorthand (Gregg) (with special mention in History and French:Colin
Joselyn; Shorthand (Pitman): Joyce Shelton; Typewriting (with special mention in Geography):Daphne Watkins.
Book-keeping:Diana Gosling; Commerce: Cyril Sylvester; English (with special mention in Typewriting)
:Joan White; French:Andrew Graham; Geography
:Alan Schlitt; History:Michael Ellis; Shorthand:
Mary Burge; Typewriting (and for service in Canteen):Mavis Garrod.
Book-keeping (and for service in Canteen):John Solari; Commerce (with special mention in History): Joan
Ansell; English:Juliet Webb; French (and for service in Canteen):Patricia Keene; Geography (with special
mention in Mathematics):Joan Netherway; History:Ann Chittenden; Typewriting (and for service in
Canteen):Barbara King; Shorthand (with special mention in English, French, Geography and
Typewriting}:Barbara Eggleton,
Mathematics (Upper Division]:Jane Ellis;. Mathematics (Lower Division): Sylvia Edwards.
Book-keeping: Olive Gale; Commerce: Phyllis May; English:Helen Parr; French:Daphne Woodman; Geography
(with special mention in French, History, Mathematics and Typewriting}: John Woodland; History:Cyril Isaac;
Shorthand:William Mees ; Typewriting:Eirlys Jones, Flora Whiteside.
Book-keeping: Betty Powell; Commerce: Pamela Cronin; English:Margaret Wright; French (with special
mention] in English):Donald Lidiard; Geography (with special mention in Commerce): Stanley Goodright;
History:Joan Pyle; Shorthand:Marion Rhodes Typewriting:Patricia Ewers.
Mathematics (Upper Division) (with special mention in Book-keeping):Joyce Pye; Mathematics (Lower Division):
Eileen Maynard.
General Proficiency-Joan Hawkins; Progress: June Valenta.
General Proficiency:Mary Dudley; Progress:Joan Bedford.
General Proficiency:Elizabeth Blayney; Progress: Betty Wills; Progress:Eric Fogg.
General Proficiency:Roy Histed; Progress: Timothy


General Proficiency:Mavis Smith; Progress:Jean McDiarmid.

General Proficiency:Joan Gaskin; Progress- Barbara Roberts; Progress:Valerie Elderton.
SCRIPTURE:Pauline Lincoln.

SERVICE IN SCHOOL CANTEEN:Sylvia Cooper, Daphne Jackson, Maureen Johnson, Peggy Shepherd, John Bosten, Derek Carver.
SCHOOL CAPTAIN: Geoffrey Short.
HEAD GIRL: Patricia Mogford.

Senior Diploma Awards.
Diploma Marks %                        Distinctions                                                                                                                                        
1.   Daphne Watkins            Commerce, French, Geography
                                                              History, Mathematics, Typewriting
2.    Colin  Joselyn                French, Geography, History, Shorthand (110wpm)
3.    Mary Dukes                   Book-keeping, Commerce, French, Geography, History
4.   Betty Tisdale                  Commerce, French, Typewriting, Shorthand (110 wpm)
5.   Audrey Cole                   Commerce, English, Typewriting
6.   Margaret Browning  


7.    Beryl  Sweet                   Book-keeping
8.    George Hall                     French
9.    Rita Connolly                  Commerce, Shorthand
10.  Sheila Falconer               Commerce, History, Maths.
11.   June German                  Book-keeping, Maths.
12.   Beryl  Manders            
13.   Betty Mitchell        
14.   Pamela Sleet                 Book-keeping, Commerce
15.   Muriel Beaumont         
16.   Cicely Barrenger           
        Alma Simmons      
18.   Maureen Edwards           Maths

        Joyce Shelton        
20.    Barbara Kidd          
21.    Kathleen Turner      
22.    Audrey Langley        
23.    Cynthia Hancock    
24.    Betty Cousins               Maths
25.    Royston Cox             
26     Peggy Lovegrove     
27     Margaret Bird          
         Ruby Bond                   Maths.
         Daphne Delderfield 

         Mary Jennings             (absent two exams)

Old Students' Association.

On 26th November, 1945, the Old Students' Committee, consisting mainly of the remnants of pre-war days, together with our President, Mr. C. H. Bray, and Chairman, Mr. E. J. Weaver, met for their first official peace-time meeting. At this meeting it was arranged to hold a special General Meeting of the Old Students' Association on llth December, 1945, to set in operation the normal machinery of the O.S.A. Mr. Bray, Mr. Weaver, and Miss Perkins attended this General Meeting, and about 50 Old Students, including a few welcome faces of those recently ' demobbed ' from the Forces.

The main items of business on the Agenda were

(1) To discuss and approve a few alterations and additions to the existing Rules of the Association. (The full set of revised rules decided on will be published shortly).

(2) To appoint officers of the Association. The following were duly elected.
President: Mr. C. H. Bray, Headmaster. Chairman: Mr. E. J. Weaver.
Acting Hon. Secretary : Mr. A. Downing, 16, Esher Road, East Molesey.
Assist. Hon. Secretary: Miss M. Roworth (School Secretary).
Acting Hon. Treasurer: Mr. S. Glenn, Kynard, Orchard Avenue, Thames Ditton.
Magazine Secretary : Miss K. Brewer, 71, Beech Way, Twickenham, Middlesex.
Section Secretaries: (These are of course subject to alteration after meetings of individual sections).
Cricket: Mr. J. H. Churchill. Cycling: Mr. J. Brampton. Drama: Mr. G. Parham. Football: Mr. M. Young.

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