The Reunion for 2008 was held on Saturday, 4th October and attended by about 80 members.

The Serving team were there in force

The two Janets were delighted with the attendance

John Crisp caught up with Peggy Parlet (1947-9)

Dennis thanked John Crisp for another year's work on the Bulletin, and Committee colleagues, Janet Creighton Kelly and Janet Steeples for organising the arrangements, now making an entertaining get together every year.

Harry Stanley drove down from Durham the day before, and returned after the reunion.

Two members showed a photo from the forties - wearing chic skating gear -Valerie Kingsley and Margaret Smith, sitting with Harry Stanley

A remarkable feature this year, in particular, was the number of "early veterans", some from the 30's, who made it and look forward to coming next year. Some brought historic rolled up photos of yesteryear

We made a special note of some of most senior members: Peter and Audrey Daniels (1939-40, Jean Boyer - 1941-2, Jean Brownlie (Nightingale) 1941-2, Edith Sykes (Wright) 1937-39, Mary Gill (Headon) 1937-39, Enid Porter 1939-Oct 40, Ken Phillpot - Jan39- Oct 40, Pamela Garnham, Jan '39-Dec'40, Mildred Schutz (Buck - Sep 39-1941 Peggy Picco (Dawson) Sep 1939 - Oct 1940

Members thanked the Committee for another enjoyable reunion, and the serving team will be on hand next year to add youthful efficiency and charm to the occasion

Names of members attending Reunion 2008 -

Enid Abraham (Oakes), 1944; Jean Ashby (1939); Iris Bower (Valle), 1948; John and Celia Bradbury (Pinchen), 1948; Delia and Maggie Bristow (Hylands),1941; Jean Brownlie (Nightingale), 1941; Ethel Bryant (Mitchell), 1947; Les Buchan, 1939; Tony and Pamela Budd, (1943); Bob and Marian Coleman (Smith), 1948 (Cancelled, see below); Diane Cotterell (Gosling), 1944; Janet Creighton-Kelly (Wright), 1948; John Crisp (1942); Audrey Daborn (Vayro), 1946; Denis Davey and Ann (1943); Pamela Derrett (Paget), 1949; Barbara Dillon (Bowyer), 1949; Hazel Dowd (Risley), 1942; Mary Eastaff (Burge), 1944; John Coombs 1947; Peter Daniels 1939; John Frost 1944; Dorothy Gardner, (1946); Pamela Garnham (Foster), 1939; June Gaywood (Whittle), 1947; Mary Gill, (Headon), 1937; Gill Gray (Sertin), 1950; Marion and Leslie Green (Jackson), 1950 & 1949; Gwen Gurney (Smith) 1942; Christine Haines (Hadrell), 1951; Peter Hore, 1950; Margaret Hilliker (Bond), 1945; Joyce Houston (Keene) 1942; June Ives (Valenta) 1945; Malcolm and Marian Jackson, (Tutt), 1947 & 1948; Anna Lloyd (Symondson),1944; Maisie Lympany (Todman), 1940; Janet Major (Cassidy), 1943; John Martin 1949; Olive Mills (Gale), 1944; Wendy Mullet (Stacey), 1947; Nick and Pat Nicholls (Slark), 1948; Peggy Pico (Dawson), 1939; E M Porter & Mrs Porter, 1939; Winnie Poate (Macklin), 1944;
Alan Philpott, 1950; Kenneth Fred'k Phillpot 1939; John Martin 1949; Daphne Padbury (Watkins), 1944; Peggy Parlett (Nunn), 1947; Jillian Paul (Dee), 1949; Daphne Ranger (Martin), 1940; Valerie Read (Kingsley), 1945; Denis Reed 1943; Jean Richardson (Diprose), 1946; Patricia Risely (Ient), 1942; Jean Roberts (Boyce), 1941. Shirley Rosser (Massey), 1949; Jacqueline Sadler (Blake), 1940; Mildred Schutz (Buck), 1939; Janet South (McKay), 1950; Maureen Shipp (Gosling), 1948; Beryl Spring (Reed), 1943; Harry Stanley (Curly), 1945; Janet Steeples (Hadrell), 1949; Frances Stracey (Warn), 1946; Edith Sykes (Wright), 1937; Ken and Lee Teasdale (Gibbon), 1949; Mary Thomas (Dudley), 1945; Jo Trepte (Le Maistre), 1943:Sylvia Wale (Shaw), 1945; Sheila Wenban (Davis), 1950; Stanley and Patricia Williamson (Rogers), 1946; Margaret Wilson (Smith), 1945; Margaret Wilson (Thomas), 1941;

Joan Galloway (Blandford) 1937 writes that regretfully she has a prior engagement but would like to know if any other ex-members of her year are still around. (email this site).

One cancellation: Bob and Marian Coleman, 1948. Bob has had a heart attack and is awaiting a bypass. He is sorry they are unable to attend and looks forward to seeing everybody at the 2009 Reunion.

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