The Centenary Lunch is Celebrated in Edwardian Style

If there was ever a doubt that the Reunion would succeed, the impressive turnout on 24th April justified the confidence Dennis and the two Janets had in the enthusiastic loyalty of KDCSA members.

Sadly, Dennis was unwell and did not attend this year

But the Edwardian Style was set entirely by the ladies present: Janet Creighton Kelly,with Janet Steeples ,who was at the busy Reception Desk and welcomed all the guests as they arrived.

Members like Peggy Dawson followed the fashion of the period.

It was a time for reminiscences and fresh views of our history. With the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain coming up, a remarkable diary from Sep 39-July 41, kept by Cynthia Chandler (nee Ayliffe), now 85, was on show and Cynthia brought her party attired in School blazers and headgear.

All members had attended either KDCS or HWS. So, meet Rosemary Searle (nee Chandler), Cynthia's daughter, Cynthia Chandler (nee Ayliffe) Deborah Brett (nee Chandler): Cynthia's daughter and Moira Stuart (nee Ayliffe), Sister of Cynthia. Janet Creighton Kelly arranged with Rosemary to have copies of her diary available for members: it is an impressive record. Rosemary has also offered us copies of photos and data for our website history: thanks!

The members poured in to find two new attractions: a raffle, with Janet Creighton Kelly in charge, and a bring and buy stall, managed by Christine Haines (Haddrell 1951 intake).

In the background, the school catering team were keen to serve a lunch which would have been luxury in 1940. Their headmaster, Steve Poole sent a letter of congratulation on our anniversary, they have their 70th this year.

This year the most senior member was from 1937-39. and there were colleagues from the forties with him.

Memories of the evacuation to Leigh were refreshed by Anna Lloyd (Symondson), who brought samples of cotton and coal from the Parsonage pit - the deepest in England. Anna also kept her School Cert exam papers - she was in the first class to take it, and it enabled her to qualify for teacher training later on. We heard that Edward Britton learned that the Govt had promised to pay any technical or commercial school who could muster a sixth form to stay on to take the O.S.Cert. Britton met Charles Bray that evening and they decided to apply for the grant.

Basil King also benefited, he told Anna it saved him taking the Chartered Accountants' prelimin exam.

Val Read, with her son, at Harry Stanley's table, recalled that she kick-started the present reunions with an advert in Saga magazine, but that John Crisp had offered to help coordinate the arrangements. However, After two lunches provided by the school, Harry Stanley organised two more, with Margaret Killiker (nee Bond) and Mary Dudley (nee Thomas), raising the quality of the event; then Denis Davey with the Committee organised the rest to date.

We show a sequence of photos taken at most of the tables this year. Janet Creighton Kelly notes a good turnout from her class (1948):

Reading clockwise from bottom left - Maureen Ship (Gosling), Janet C-Kelly (Wright), Margaret Boulter (Clark), Celia Bradbury (Pinchen), Iris Bower (Valle). Bob Coleman was also in our class but not in the picture - next photo - Nancy Henchley(Clark), Jean Berry(Withey) . Valerie McGee (Webster, who was a champion long jumper)

By special request - two friends wish to send their photo to a friend in California - Frances Stracey, Audrey Daborn

The lunch concluded. There were thanks to all who had helped bring it about, despite the sad loss of John Crisp. And the question was asked: "Would you like the chance to come to another reunion? " The photos speak for themselves!

See you next time!

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