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Reunion 2013 - A Most Enjoyable Gathering!


The Reunion held at Hinchley Wood School on Saturday, 20 th April was attended by 63 members who enjoyed a three course meal, followed by a raffle during the afternoon,

Our advertisements, regarding the Reunion, attracted several new members who attended the Reunion for the first time:

Jean Hancock (Vinall) 1940. Norma Haywood (Davies) 1940. Margaret Sharrard (Grimshaw) 1941. Jean Sheppard (Whitbread) 1946 who was accompanied by her husband Roy. Susan Lee (Balcomb) and Sheila Robertson (Brant) both from 1953 and Jean Pollard (Mitchell) 1932 who came with her son.

Our three eldest members to attend the Reunion:


3 Oldest Members

Gwen Johnson Alfred Solomon Jean Pollard - Combined age 277 years.

Both Gwen and Alfred attended the school in 1937 and Jean attended in 1932

Members enjoying the Reunion! Photographs from the 2013 Event:








It is inevitable that our numbers will reduce each year, unless we can enrol ex students of Hinchley Wood School who attended from the 50’s onwards.

However, we do hope to hold a Reunion in 2014.


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