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Reunion 2014 - A Special Event!



Although small in number, all attending the Reunion held on Saturday, 17th May, agreed that it was a very friendly and enjoyable day.

It was thought that this may be the last reunion to be held but most members who completed the questionnaire, given out at the lunch, said they would like to attend another one, to be held at the school, as opposed to another venue.

It is inevitable that our numbers will reduce each year, but if the expenses remain the same, the price per head will get quite expensive. In my letter of thanks to the caterers I did hint that perhaps the “powers that be” could reduce or cancel the hire of hall charge as it is “our school”.

We have considered other venues but the attraction is to visit the school we attended all those years ago!! We shall await developments.

During our lunch we had a visit from nine students from the Hinchley Wood School, History Society, accompanied by their teacher Christopher Murray. The students wanted to talk to as many people as possible to get a clear understanding of what school life was like in the past.

Christopher Murray emailed the next day and expressed his gratitude for allowing his students to attend the reunion lunch and said they all found the experience incredibly interesting and are now armed with a wealth of knowledge about the past of the school. He hoped that the reunion continues and they can attend again next year.

We welcomed to the Reunion Pat (Jackson) and Eugene Thomas from Bermuda.

Members enjoying the Reunion! Photographs from the 2014 Event:












It is inevitable that our numbers will reduce each year, unless we can enrol ex students of Hinchley Wood School who attended from the 50’s onwards.

We will keep you informed about the Reunion in 2015.

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