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Reunion 2015 - Our Last!



THE KINGSTON DAY COMMERCIAL SCHOOL ASSOCIATION held its final Reunion at Hinchley Wood School on Saturday, 25th April 2015. It was a great success with 66 members sitting down to a three course luncheon.

Although it was the final Reunion, it was good news to hear that many members decided they would keep in touch with their immediate group and have a lunch out occasionally.


John de Lannoy

John De Lannoy brought the Ushakov Medal to the Reunion. This Russian Gold Medal was awarded to veterans of the Arctic convoy and was presented to him in April 2015 on the instructions of President Vladimir Putin. John also has other medals, including the Arctic Star Medal, for serving with the Arctic Convoys on the Atlantic/Russian front between 1943 and 1945.


The Newsletter will still be issued three times a year and we welcome all contributions, large or small. Please contact Janet Creighton-Kelly, 01276 25357 or email janet@jangeo.co.uk


We look forward to hearing from any ex students, or relatives, from KDCS and Hinchley Wood School.


Members may wish to follow KDCSA on Facebook, where you may contribute news and follow developments: www.facebook.com/KDCSAssociation


Pictures taken at the Reunion:












If you would like to have a full size copy of any of the pictures on this site, please email your request to sjones@9380.co.uk

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